Types of Tests

The Six primary types of testing are listed below:


Pre-Employment Drug Tests are tests which are done as a condition for hiring. An applicant must pass the drug screen before they officially become an employee. Sometimes these tests are done prior to the offer. Other times they are done shortly after they begin working.  


Post Accident Drug Tests are completed immediately after an on-the-job vehicular or non-vehicular accident. 



For-Cause Drug Tests occur when a supervisor observes behaviors that may indicate drug use. These behaviors are predefined in the company Drug Free Workplace policy. 


  Fitness for Duty Drug Tests are tests which are done after a mandatory or voluntary leave of absence. An employee must pass the drug screen before they are officially able to return back to work.

Follow-Up Drug Tests are used to monitor an employee after he or she has been found to use drugs and has been referred to an Employee Assistance Program.


Random Drug Tests are unannounced tests where employees are selected in a neutral fashion. Often, these tests include a group of employees such as drivers, operators of heavy equipment, a specific division, or the entire organization.    


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