Your Program

We can provide a standard "Turn Key" or custom program to fit your unique organizational needs whether it is simply pre-employee drug testing or a comprehensive Drug Free Workplace program. We will provide you a program that will contain the following elements:

  Policy Development - We can develop a Drug Free Workplace policy that fits your needs and outlines the consequences of violations. Also, many programs qualify for worker's compensation discounts. The criteria and discounts vary by state. We will design a program that will help you get the maximum discount.

Program Implementation - We will coordinate all the background details to ensure a smooth program implementation, so you can focus on your business.

Ongoing Process - We will act as your liaison between the collection site, the lab, and the Medical Review Officer (MRO). All you will need to do is send the candidate to the collection site.

Management Support - We will provide unlimited management support. We are available to answer questions, research unique cases, and assist you through potential challenging situations.

Detailed Billing and Analysis - Our state-of-the-art software allows us to provide detailed billing and custom analysis. We generate report to fit your unique needs.


Drug Free Workplace Management Program
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