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Critical Incident Stress Debriefings 

In the event of trauma or emergency, employees need to be debriefed both individually and in the work group. Managed Care Concepts has staff members trained to handle traumatic events. We have successfully responded to events such as an explosion in a manufacturing facility, severe auto accident, murder of an employee, suicide and robbery including gunshot wounds. In recent history, we have responded to other disasters such as the Hurricanes that hit the State of Florida in 2004 and the September 11 th terrorist attacks.

We find that immediate skilled response to crisis situations is an invaluable and much appreciated service.

A crisis, whether at the work-site or at home, gets immediate response from our staff. Senior staff members are immediately notified and an emergency plan is developed and implemented to serve the employees.

Once the emergency services are provided, our counselors follow-up with those involved in the crisis to see what on-going services are needed as a result of the crisis.

We would work closely with management staff in the planning, implementation and execution of the emergency or crisis response plan. An easily accessible Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is the most efficient and effective way to help employees.


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